Health is an Investment


How do you treat your health?  What are you doing now to shape your health?  Are you doing things that are going to push you for the better or are they going to slow you down and push you more towards disease?  Most people don’t want to spend money on buying healthy food, exercising, having laboratory tests run, etc. because it’s “expensive.”  The issue here is that it’s expensive to be SICK – not to mention living with decreased quality of life.  Unfortunately, insurance typically does not pay for preventative or proactive care, rather it will help cover costs when someone is already sick.  Personally, this is completely backwards and makes absolutely no sense to me if we are looking out for the well-being of someone.


My clients have heard me say this before, but you NEED to be your own health advocate.  You know your body more than anyone else.  You know when something is “off.”  I have had clients come in knowing that their thyroid wasn’t right however were only tested for their TSH with their other provider which showed “normal” values.  After running a full thyroid panel in the office, we were able to see that other thyroid markers were off thus ultimately causing their symptoms.  The point is, sometimes you need to shop around to find the right provider for you.  In the last example, if this person continued to live the way she was and waited until her TSH values were out of the normal range, she could have gone years living life less than her best!

Disease can be described as a deviation from the normal structure or functional state of an organism.  Most times disease starts happening a long time before someone has signs and symptoms.  For instance, someone may consider themselves healthy until one day they are diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, an autoimmune disorder, etc.  Let’s think about that – it’s not that you didn’t have cancer the day prior to your diagnosis and then wake up with it the next morning – it’s a process and has probably been going on for some time.  I’m not trying to be a Debbie-downer or to scare you but rather make you think about your health differently.  You can’t continue to eat junk food, have a sedentary lifestyle, bombard your body with exposure to toxins from diet and lifestyle with the expectation that you are going to stay healthy.  I’m sorry that’s not how this works.


What are some proactive steps to better your health?
Clean up your diet
-Avoid processed foods
-Buy organic
-Go gluten-free
Heal your Gut
Reduce Stress
-Yoga, meditation, etc.
Limit your exposure to toxins from:
-Cosmetics, household cleaning supplies, deodorant, etc.
-Makes sure your nervous system is working optimally
Test for Food Sensitivities
-This is to make sure you aren’t eating foods that your immune system is responding           to and causing inflammation to your whole body.
Test for Deficiencies
-Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, etc.
Have your hormones tested, look for underlying infections, etc. (when warranted)
-A great way to screen for early changes in the breast!

Health is an investment, not an expense.  Please do not wait until your body starts breaking down before you pay attention to it.  It is never too late to start investing in your health and it’s an investment well worth the benefits.

In good health,

Dr. Stephanie

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