Halloween= Candy?!


With Halloween approaching I can’t stop myself from questioning the way we celebrate some of our holidays.  Halloween, Easter, Valentines, Christmas, etc. are all focused around treats, sugar, and candy.

First let me get my little rant over with before talking about how we can make changes in our household.  Sugar has been proven to be 7x more addictive than cocaine.  So then shouldn’t we treat it as a drug if it has such addictive properties to it?!  Most children and adults are consuming too much sugar as it is in our regular day to day diet.  Then when these candy-filled holidays come around it’s even more of a free for all to binge on SUGAR.

Although most people understand that candy may lead to obesity and dental cavities you may not realize it may lead to various forms of cancer, hypersensitivity, or hyperactivity.  This over consumption of sugar comes with many consequences including systemic inflammation within our bodies and reducing our immune system’s strength.  Also, while I’m talking about sugar, did you know that Alzheimer’s is being called Type III diabetes?  Sugar is a neurotoxin and it is destroying our brain and our bodies.  When we know sugar can be a fuel source for cancer I think it’s important for us to be highly aware of what we are putting in our bodies as well as our children.

I think I need to mention that in addition to candy being filled with sugar there are also other harmful ingredients in a lot of popular candies.  These may include; high fructose corn syrup, chemical based preservatives, artificial flavoring, artificial colorings, etc.

Sorry about the rant, as you can tell I’m passionate about the health of people, especially our young generation of children.

Moving on.  What can we do to make this holiday less focused on treats?

If you are handing out treats – Here is a list I have compiled that you can buy in bulk for inexpensive cost.

-Stickers                      -Bubbles                     -Glow sticks
-Pencils                       -Fake plastic bugs       -Pencil toppers
-Temporary Tattoo     -Character bandaids   -Mini Play-doh (Costco)
-Hair bows                   -Erasers                      -Bouncy balls
-Spider rings                -Matchbox cars           -Mini bottles of water
-Fake jewelry              -Mini coloring books   -Mini rubber stamps

-Organic fruit leather (currently at Costco)

The list could go on but I hope this sparks some creativity, also please share if you have any other ideas as I’d love to add to my list!

There are more people opting out of trick or treating in general, in that case here are a few ideas you may do instead.

  1. Ignore Halloween completely – yes it’s totally acceptable, especially when the kids are too young to want to dress up for Halloween
  2. Go bowling as a family
  3. Watch a movie as a family
  4. Family craft night
  5. Pumpkin carving

If your child is going out trick or treating and comes home with loads of candy, here are a couple of ideas to get rid of it.

  1. Throw all candy in the garbage. 😉
  2. hallowe1Switch Witch or the Candy Fairy. Your child has the option to leave all his or her candy out on the kitchen table, etc. and overnight a ‘witch’ or ‘fairy’ etc. will come and switch the candy with a small gift.  The gifts may include whatever you feel appropriate such as a small gift mentioned above, movie, pajamas, money, etc.

As you can see I am not against Halloween itself but more about finding a balance for a health-conscious Mom.  I hope some day the holiday isn’t focused upon candy but until then I hope these ideas help.

Please share any ideas or traditions you do during this time of year!

In good health,

Dr. Stephanie

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