If you have unanswered questions about lingering health concerns, consultations at AFC are a great opportunity to sit down with a doctor to discuss your questions and concerns in further detail. With a medical system that relies on making a diagnosis that leads to drugs or surgery, or a natural health approach that all too often recommends a supplement to try to fix everything, we are here to offer an alternative that allows for a simple yet comprehensive approach to getting you the answers that you desire.

We operate from the mindset that the body doesn’t make mistakes. But in the world we live in today, the body is forced to deal with a lot of stressors that lead to a breakdown in the body’s ability to function normally. The three primary categories of stressors are physical, chemical and emotional. At AFC, our main focus is to help you identify what your primary stressors are so that your body can return to normal function.

This process can be as simple as basic nutritional and lifestyle changes. It may require advanced lab testing to help more specifically determine the areas in need of greatest attention. One thing we will focus on for every person is building a strong foundation through nutrition, digestion and stress support. This allows us to ensure better results for other areas of concern such as hormone balancing, gut restoration, weight loss, blood sugar management, immune system strengthening, and many more other possible areas.

Our initial consultation is the best opportunity to find out what the best plan will be for you moving forward. At this appointment we will discuss immediate action steps that can be taken to get the ball moving forward. An initial Intrinsic Foundations Program will be discussed and recommended to help you begin to focus on the areas in need of the most attention.

From there, lab testing and supplementation may also be recommended. Lab testing may include a stool analysis, blood test or urine testing. The supplements carried at AFC are ensured to be the highest quality possible, and we operate from the principle that “less is more”. We want you to take the least amount of supplements possible in order to achieve the best results. The same goes for lab testing. We will only recommend what we feel is absolutely necessary. We will work with you to make sure that we are on the same page with the plan moving forward and that the recommendations are comprehensive yet simple and achievable.

We would love to meet with you to further discuss what we offer at AFC and to learn more about your concerns and health challenges. A simple plan of attack focusing on the foundations of health is what we do best and we look forward to helping you regain your hope and your health. To schedule your initial consultation, please call our office at 920-243-7140.