Success Stories

Chiropractic Success Stories

Prenatal Care

Dr. Miranda is very caring and knowledgeable in chiropractic prenatal care. She cares about my well being and provides me with information about pregnancy that I would not have known. She goes above and beyond and I am so thankful I started coming to see her at Abbott Family Chiropractic.

Great Job

Dr. Miranda does a great job at checking over ALL possible problem areas. You also do a great job at making me feel important and valued! Thank you for all you do! I haven’t been to a doctor for any illness since starting care!

I Gladly Drive 35 Minutes For My Care With Dr. Miranda

There are many chiropractors closer to home for me, but I gladly drive 35 minutes to continue visits with Dr. Miranda. This is the first time I continued ongoing preventative chiropractic care!

With Dr. Stephanie, you live in a world of knowledge, and you will always be informed.

Dr. Stephanie and I hit it off from the beginning. I was drawn in by her excellent example of what it means to live a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Dr. Stephanie took the time to listen to my concerns at my first appointment, and she has exceeded my expectation of care ever since.

I started seeing Dr. Stephanie in February 2015, and I found out I was pregnant shortly after. Having top notch chiropractic care during my pregnancy made a huge difference. Not only was Dr. Stephanie (who is trained in the Webster technique) able to adjust me in the specific way I needed, but she also served as a valuable resource for my health and my baby’s health throughout pregnancy. Her vast knowledge of vitamins and supplements helped me find the best prenatal vitamin, and she also was able to recommend specific foods that would be beneficial for our health.

One of the things I like best about Dr. Stephanie is that she always offers an explanation. She explained her adjustments and why they were important for pregnancy, she explained why certain foods and supplements were beneficial, and she even helped explain some of the medical procedures that are typically done to pregnant women and why I may or may not want to have them. The medical world does not always offer an explanation for tests and treatment to pregnant women – you can more or less just be told what to do. However, with Dr. Stephanie, you live in a world of knowledge, and you will always be informed.

I got adjusted the day of my delivery. My labor went very well (about 6 hours), I had no back pain, and I delivered a healthy baby boy named Jack. I brought Jack in to see Dr. Stephanie when he was 1 week old. Jack had no significant issues prior to my bringing him in, but I had noticed that he mostly only turned his head to the right. After being adjusted, I noticed later that day that Jack was turning his head to both sides equally. While at our appointment, Dr. Stephanie also showed me exercises I could do with Jack to help his development.

Dr. Stephanie’s continuous dedication to health and wellness greatly impacted my pregnancy. I was able to put my trust in her, and she did whatever it took to help me reach a positive outcome. I feel very fortunate to have found someone who cares so deeply for my family’s health.

I was skeptical at first

I was happy to get in last minute at Abbott Family Chiropractic when I hurt my neck. I was first skeptical of the adjusting technique with the use of the instruments, but I don’t think I would want to go back to manual adjustments. The office is very comfortable and welcoming. Dr. Miranda is awesome!

Very Personal Care

One thing I love about my care at Abbott Family Chiropractic is it is very personal. I am made to feel I matter. If I have a question, if Dr. Miranda doesn’t have an immediate answer, she gets me one!

Very Impressed

Very impressed with the personalized care and interest in my health concerns. I received helpful suggestions in addition to the treatment and explanations. Thank you!

Most Comfortable And Caring Environment

The pain that I was having would completely make it impossible to go to work, think, and function! I have been having months of neck, shoulder and back pain, migraines, and emergency room trips! I had tried Chiropractic in the past which left me doubting this type of treatment. I thought I would give Abbott Family Chiropractic a try after a friend recommended me to Dr. Miranda. After starting at Abbott Family Chiropractic I started noticing improvement after about one month of care! It has been easier to sleep and a lot less discomfort driving my car! The use of the activator was amazing how effective it was without the need for the physical manipulation like my last chiropractic experiences. I am still working on the minor discomfort, but confident it will be resolved before long. It has been the most comfortable and caring environment! Big hugs to Dr. Miranda for all the progress!

Instant improvement

I first started coming into Abbott Family Chiropractic because with my first pregnancy I was having a lot of headaches. I was taking Tylenol everyday and didn’t want to be. After coming in my headaches went away and I had an awesome pregnancy and great labor. Then on my second pregnancy life was super busy so I only came in to see Dr Miranda for a couple weeks, which was my biggest regret. I was then placed on desk duty by my MD due to early contractions, and labor was not nearly as smooth as my first. I truly believe my pregnancy and labor didn’t go as well the second time around due to not continuing chiropractic care.


The office is very welcoming and the staff was very friendly and helpful, from the time I set up my first appointment to leaving the office. Dr. Miranda is an excellent listener and really breaks it down for you so you know exactly what you need to do in order to achieve optimal health. I really like it there and cannot wait for my next appointment. I highly recommend this office for you and your family!

After the first visit we immediately noticed a difference

Our son Alex was diagnosed with torticollis, acid reflux, and had a flat spot on his head. He could not turn his head to the right and he cried all the time. We tried PT, but it was the bare minimum and was not enough to benefit him. We then decided to start care at Abbott Family Chiropractic. After the first visit we immediately noticed a difference!

Made a great reduction to loosening up my muscles and making me more flexible

I started coming into Abbott family Chiropractic after injuring my lower back working out. The adjusting technique used at AFC made a great reduction to loosening up my muscles and making me more flexible. From going from barely being able to perform a routine deadlift, and then after starting care I am now back to my regular weight in a 3 month period. If you are thinking about chiropractic are, I would highly recommend it over taking any medication, and not doing anything for it.

Will forever be grateful to Dr. Miranda

I was almost 37 weeks along in my pregnancy and the little girl inside my belly was still head up (Breech). My doctor told me we would either have to schedule an external version (where the doctor manually turns the baby outside the belly to head down, which can bring on pre-mature labor, stress to the baby, etc.) or I could schedule a C-section. I didn’t like either one of those choices! I was at the wits end while on the phone with my mom, not knowing what to do.

My Baby is Sleeping More and has Increased his overall Health

I started becoming to Abbott Family Chiropractic because I was looking for a practice that did lot of work with children. I wanted to learn about treatment for my 10 month old (now 14 months). The adjusting technique used was very comfortable. There was no soreness afterwards, and my son is very relaxed during adjustments. Overall I have seen increased health in my son, less GI Issues, and more sleep! If you are thinking about chiropractic care I would say definitely set up a consultation to learn more!

My Baby is Healthy and Happy

I started coming to Abbott Family Chiropractic after I was recommended by the OB nurses at the hospital after I had a pretty tough delivery with my baby. He swallowed fluids and broke his clavicle on the way out so I wanted to give chiropractic care a try. The adjusting technique used is very comfortable for him, and he is so relaxed during the adjustments. My baby is now a healthy perfect little boy. He has had no ear infections, good eater, helped reflux and spitting up, and has slept through the night since he was 2- 2 ½ months old. If you are thinking about chiropractic care, do your research, know your options, and just try it! You have nothing to lose! Give it time and don’t give up too soon!

My Kids are Pain-free

My boys have had profound changes in their issues. A is 5 and he has a wide range of issues from Bakers cysts to stomach problems and clumsiness. Since seeing Dr. Miranda, he no longer complains of pain in his legs, no longer wakes up in the night with what his primary doctor diagnosed as growing pains, no longer complains of stomach pain and no longer has to consume a bottle of children Tylenol every week to week and a half, just to get a good night of sleep. J is 12 and he regularly suffered from a bad headache and random muscle/bone aches. His headaches are few and far between, and the muscle/bone aches have all but disappeared. We are very thankful for these vast improvements in our children and we’ll be coming to Dr. Miranda indefinitely to maintain the quality of life she has given them!

No more Lower Back Pain

I started coming to Abbott Family Chiropractic because I suffered from lower back pain for a while, which continually worsened. I also began experiencing more frequent and severe headaches. The adjusting technique I have found to be very gentle and subtle, yet very noticeable. Since starting care I have had improved posture and feeling more balanced. I now have a better awareness of the importance of posture and being proactive in my overall health care. I would highly recommend chiropractic care! It is a wonderful way to regain your health and a much better alternative than prescription drugs for pain.

Longer Sleep for My Baby

Our experience has been great! Dr. Miranda makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. Loralei (my daughter) warmed up to her very quickly. My son gets excited when he gets to come along to appointments just so he can play! Loralei has been sleeping much longer stretches at night and nursing less often. We hope to see that continue with treatment.

Prenatal Care

I’m so pleased with the care I have been getting from Abbott Family Chiropractic. I started coming here at the end of my pregnancy and what a difference it made!

Sleep for a Newborn Baby

I originally came into Abbott Family Chiropractic because my newborn son had not been sleeping well. I had heard chiropractic care could help and has helped other infants. I had “tried” what seemed to be every other option with my son, except chiropractic care. We went and had a consult, and thought that chiropractic care might help. We started and after the first appointment we started seeing results.

Pregnancy Care

The environment at Abbott Family Chiropractic is very friendly and family-oriented. The care I received at the office during my pregnancy was a ton of help and helped to relieve a lot of pain I have had through pregnancy. I also have had relief of bad headaches which I had since I was pregnant. Dr. Miranda was also very helpful in providing information and answering any questions that I had.

Performance Improvement

After only a few adjustments I felt pain relief and noticed an improvement in my performance in track and field.

An Awesome Chiropractic Experience

Dr. Miranda is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable. We have had an awesome experience since coming to Abbott Family Chiropractic. We would recommend them to anyone!

Learning to Take Care of Myself

This is the first chiropractor that I have gone to where I actually feel like I am learning to take care of myself and my back. Dr. Miranda and Sara are always so friendly! Definitely worth the drive from Oshkosh!

Strength for our Immune Systems

Our family’s experience at Abbott Family Chiropractic has been nothing but great. I personally have experienced better everyday comfort and increased energy. Our children look forward to coming every time and we have also seen chiropractic care strengthen our immune systems; this year no one has gotten sick!

Abbott Family Chiropractic, the Right Choice For Me

After seeing several different chiropractors over the past 10 years with minimal results, I decided to give Abbott Family Chiropractic in Appleton, WI a try. I was instantly impressed with the difference in approach. Being able to not only feel the results, but to see them on a computerized scan really helps me to know that Abbott Family Chiropractic is the right choice for me.

Back & Hip Pain

Before I started care at Abbott Family Chiropractic, I had gone to two other chiropractic offices for problems I was having with back and hip pain. I had also tried medications and they never helped. Dr. Miranda gave me exercises for my hip that the other 2 offices never told me about even though I asked them for different things I could be doing on my own to help. After just 2 months my hip pain is gone and my back pain is almost gone. I have more energy and am walking without pain. I now know that by keeping your spine aligned it helps the body heal and you feel better. Thank you!

Better Health for our Family

We love coming! It has so drastically changed the health of our family. When we pull in my kids all cheer and then never want to leave. Our daughter even fake coughs and says “uh-oh, looks like I need to go get my beeps.” Thank you for your care!

Chiropractors that Listen

I have had an excellent experience at Abbott Family Chiropractic. From the moment I walked in the door and greeted by name, to the daily visits I needed at first, I was cared for extremely well and made to feel welcome, wanted, and listened to. I would recommend Abbott Family Chiropractic to anyone. Thanks for your effort and work!

Part of the Family

Every time we come in we are greeted with smiling faces and happy words. We are always treated with the best care. It feels like we are part of the family. I would highly recommend Abbott Family Chiropractic to anyone I know!

I feel so much better

I started coming to Abbott Family Chiropractic because I was having back pain for about a month and the pain became intolerable. I tried resting and using a heating pad but I still couldn’t do normal lifting without pain. After just a few appointments I noticed improvement. I now sleep better than I have in years and I don’t have any issues lifting or bending like I had before. Not only has my sleeping improved, but my digestion seems to be better and in general my body feels so much better.

What I found unique about the care I received at AFC is Dr. Miranda and Sara go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome! I couldn’t believe that coming into AFC you don’t get your back “cracked” but simple adjustments that are done that make me feel better. What I have learned is that chiropractic care deals with the nervous system and how it all works together effecting different organs.

How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is        always up to you.  Get started today!  (920) 243-7140