All Disease Begins in the Gut

 As Hippocrates (known as the Father of Medicine) says, “All disease begins in the gut.”

As we mentioned in our last post, you don’t necessarily need to feel digestive issues when you have a leaky gut.  Leaky gut affects the WHOLE body ranging from your skin, to your thyroid, to your brain (mood), to your joints, etc.

Leaky gut progression starts with GI inflammation – leading to food intolerances, nutrient malabsorption, immune system issues and potentially auto-immunity (this is where the body starts attacking itself).

Unhealthy digestion is evident when any of the following conditions are present:  gas, bloating, acid reflux, loose stools or constipation, negative reaction to food, inflammation, skin disorders (eczema, dermatitis, hives, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, etc.), cracked fingernails, parasites, candida, food allergies, throat and nose issues (clearing throat, runny nose, etc.), nutrient deficiency, gallbladder diseases, autoimmune issues, and the list goes on.


I know I’m a broken record but are you seeing a trend here yet?  If your gut is off, other systems will be off as well.  This is important because most Americans are highly inflamed and have some level of leaky gut that is affecting their health and wellbeing.

Now that I think you have an understanding on the importance of your gut, an organ sometimes neglected and underrated, let’s get to what you’ve been waiting for.

What are some of the steps towards healing your leaky gut? I think the 4R program is a great place to start.  The 4R program offers four steps – remove, replace, reinoculate, and repair.

Remove – Eliminate the cause(s)

Leaky gut has a wide range of possible causes – this is not a one size fits all and is unique to every person

  • Remove inflammatory food triggers
    • This involves getting a food sensitivity test done to determine what foods you are intolerant to. Pay close attention to what I’m about to say as this is important to understand – there is a difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity.
  • Stress
    • Stress can impair your digestion and absorption
  • Pathogens
    • Bacterial and yeast overgrowth, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other toxic substances
      • There are tests available to help identify

Replace – Nourish gut lining with key nutrients

    • Digestive enzymes
    • Stomach acid

Reinoculate – Rebalance microbes and probiotics

  • Intestinal microflora are microorganisms that live in our gut and are helpful in aiding digestion and nutrient absorption.
    • Probiotics: supplements and foods

Repair – repair the lining of your gut

  • Healthy, anti-inflammatory diet of foods and supplements to reduce inflammation and support cell growth in the digestive tract

Stay tuned as we get into more details on the 4R program of healing your gut.

-Dr. Stephanie

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